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PF, Ash, Dust & Slurry Pipework

Greenbank have offered a comprehensive range of lining materials designed to combat erosion and corrosion for more than 50 years offering considerable expertise and know how on the application of traditional and new materials and technologies. Heavy industries such as Power, Steel, Cement, Glass and minerals have all benefited from the utilisation of our products and services extending and enhancing the operational life cycle of their plant and equipment.

Pipework          Pipework

Ceramic based materials such as Basalt, Zalcon [Zirconia] and Alumina are the most well known lining materials we have used. Other linings utilised include Nickel and Chrome alloys, Silicon Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide, Epoxy Coating and a range of Performance Steels.

Pipework     Pipework

Cast Basalt

Cast Basalt is a material formed from basaltic rock/slag combined with crystallising agents. When cast it has two exceptional qualities. Firstly the abrasive resistance, which is a most important factor, becoming several times higher than that of iron or steel. Secondly, it has a high degree of chemical resistance.

For the lining of pipework, chutes, bunkers, cyclones and hoppers Cast Basalt has become the world standard for areas such as ash slurry pipework at fossil fuel power stations. An all-round cost effective and adaptable lining material Cast Basalt extends the life of equipment in pipe or tile form where affected by erosion.

Zalcon™ Zirconium Alumina Ceramic

Zalcon is an advanced fusion cast ceramic, developed specifically to resist impact and sliding abrasion in arduous conditions. It is cast at approximately 1800°C into virtually any required lining shape, eliminating many joints which cause premature failure in other ceramic linings. Its resistance to impact and thermal shock makes it the perfect liner in areas where aggressive materials are handled adjacent to heat sources.

The interlocking crystalline structure of Zalcon gives the material superior physical characteristics. Its co-efficient of friction improves with wear and improves the flow of the material being handled. Zalcon is the state of the art answer to abrasion in cyclones and pump casings. Zalcon has become a preferred choice for pulverised coal [PF] pipework and widely used when pneumatic conveying of all abrasive materials. Zalcon has much greater resistance to heavy impact and thermal shock than bonded alumina ceramics, with at least the same resistance to sliding abrasion.

Alumina Ceramic

Alumina ceramic has been developed and optimised for maximum wear resistance and corrosion resistance. High density, diamond like hardness, fine grain structure and superior mechanical strength are the unique properties that make it a material of choice for a wide range of demanding applications. For uses similar to Cast Basalt but where greater resistance to wear especially in high velocity lean and dense phase systems is required.


At Greenbank we provide our customers with the full range of lined and unlined straight pipes, bends, elbows, tees, Y-pieces, manifolds and fittings. Our service includes survey, design, manufacture and installation. Our range begins at material supply and ends with full turnkey mechanical design and install projects.

Technical data for pipe casings lined with Basalt, Zalcon or Alumina:
Design pressure: 10 bar (150psi) at 100ºC 
Material: mild steel to BS EN10025/S275 (or equivalent) 
Standard Casing thickness: 3 - 6 mm (Other thickness of casings available to suit design Parameters)


Up to 500 N.B. 20-25 nominal thick, Basalt, Zalcon or Alumina segments, jointed with CBP No.1 resin bonded cement, grouted with Portland Cement/Sand mixture.
Over 500 N.B. 30mm nominal thick, Basalt, Zalcon or Alumina tiles, bedded and jointed with CBP No.1 resin bonded cement.


As well as our standard Fixed and Rotating Flanges Greenbank also supplies Adaptor Flanges, Alignment flanges, Viking Johnson Coupling and Victaulic Joints to suit our customers’ applications and requirements.


Surface coating is to our standard protection finish, which is a red oxide primer. Other finishes are available to suit our customers’ specific requirements.