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Greenbank Terotech - Combustion Products & Systems

In 2000, a new area of the business was launched to design and supply technologies aimed at improving and enhancing the operation and efficiency of large combustion power stations.

Since then Greenbank has become a world leader in the development of unique, award-winning technologies for large combustion power plants.

Pulverised Fuel Balancing SystemsPulverised Fuel (PF) Balancing Systems

/media/pages/library/pdficon-small.jpg VARB and Control Gate PF Diffuser & Balancing System

/media/pages/library/pdficon-small.jpg GravMaster Gravimetric Coal Feeder

/media/pages/library/pdficon-small.jpg CoalFlo Multi-Outlet Classifier PF Balancing Damper

Advanced Instrumentation & MeasurementAdvanced Instrumentation and Measurement

/media/pages/library/pdficon-small.jpg PfMaster Pulverised Fuel Monitoring System

/media/pages/library/pdficon-small.jpg GA200 Boiler Steam Leak Detection System



Combustion Optimisation & System AnalysersCombustion Optimisation and System Analysers

/media/pages/library/pdficon-small.jpg G-CAM Carbon-in-Ash Analyser for Flue Gas

/media/pages/library/pdficon-small.jpg H-CAM Carbon-in-Ash Analyser for Hoppers

/media/pages/library/pdficon-small.jpg MillMaster Particle Size Analyser

The catalyst for the Greenbank Group entering the field of plant efficiency improvement and emissions reduction technology came in 2000, when the organisation became aware of a quite literal climate change within the world of large combustion power plants. Increased pressure was being placed on the industry to address the environmental impact of power generation and new legislation introduced stringent emission reduction targets.

In response to the growing concern regarding greenhouse gases produced by energy-generating companies, Greenbank Systems began a research and development programme targeted at improving the efficiency of coal-fired power generation.

Over a decade later, Greenbank Systems is now a global leader in the field of boiler combustion optimisation, with an award-winning portfolio of products enabling industrial plants using solid fuel to significantly reduce their environmental impact.

Greenbank’s cutting-edge technologies are today being implemented throughout the world, both in existing and new power plant projects. The combined capabilities of the Greenbank Systems product line enables delivery of a totally balanced fuel feed from mill to burner, especially in front and rear wall-fired boilers, and can reduce unburned carbon in ash levels by as much as 50%.

Products such as the VARB PF Diffuser and the G-CAM Carbon-in-Ash Monitor allow engineers to burn coal more efficiently, providing substantial operational savings as well as helping reduce the environmental impact of power generation.