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Fuel Switch Design (Coal to Gas or Biomass)

Ammegen provides solutions for fuel switching, including coal to gas. Our biomass conversion and cofiring projects prioritise combustion efficiency and minimal thermal de-rate, ensuring regulatory emissions compliance. We provide expertise on fuel quality, its impacts on combustion efficiency and balance of plant. By determining an optimised firing configuration, identifying fuel size distribution, predicting effects of heat transfer changes and establishing potential for slagging, fouling and corrosion, we have capabilities to evaluate and manage the most important aspects of a conversion.

Our capabilities include:

  • Burner modification
  • Evaluating impact of fuel properties on furnace combustion process (e.g., moisture content, particle size, volatile matter content, etc.)
  • Control of slagging and corrosion formation
  • Evaluation of impact on furnace exit gas temperature and hence steam temperature and boiler efficiency
  • Evaluation and design of emissions control systems


Modelling shows predicted NOx emissions between coal and biomass with BOFA NOx reduction technology.


Modelling shows significant combustion differences between fuels and burner settings.