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Fuel Flow Measurement and Control

In addition to fuel distribution, pulverised fuel (PF) particle size distribution can have a significant impact on burner combustion performance. Appropriate management of the milling system is essential to improving PF particle size distribution. Therefore, online measurement and monitoring of mill exit PF particle size distribution will help facilitate appropriate mill management and ensure fuel is delivered to the burner zone at the required particle size distribution.

Whilst addressing and managing key influencing factors such as burner to burner fuel distribution, fuel quality and particle size distribution are essential to delivering improved combustion and boiler performance, there are also other factors that must be taken into account. Management of combustion zone stoichiometry (theoretical plus excess air necessary for complete combustion) is a further key element that must be addressed.

Combustion zone stoichiometry is managed via the addition of appropriate primary and secondary air flow to the furnace. Getting the balance right is extremely important but is often undermined via excessive ‘uncontrolled’ furnace air ingress (tramp air) at other locations such as the airheater and duct seals.


Measure PF distribution and velocity using Greenbank PFMS® online PF flow monitoring system



Monitor combustion efficiency directly using Greenbank GCAM® carbon-in-ash (LOI)online monitor




Improve PF distribution and air-to-fuel ratio at pipe splitters using Greenbank VARB® PF diffusers