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Combustion Optimisation via Improved Fuel/Air Distribution

Improvement in fuel distribution across the burner zone, and the boiler load range, is critical for delivering improved combustion and the associated optimisation of boiler performance.

This is achieved through accurate measurement, the understanding of fuel flow characteristics and the associated
velocity specific to each and every pipeline, followed by the necessary adjustment to fuel flow using the latest flow-balancing technology. This allows improved alignment of air flow and fuel flow, thereby helping to establish the optimum air-to-fuel ratio.

Addressing improved fuel distribution and associated burner-to-burner AFR is fundamental to managing emissions to air such as NOx, CO, particulates and so on. It is also fundamental to addressing other combustion performance-related challenges associated with fireside corrosion, burner life and carbon-in-ash as well as slagging and fouling within the furnace.

Delivery of improved combustion stability is also fundamental to improved flexible operations and minimum stable generation.


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Pulverised Fuel Flow Characteristics


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