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/media/pages/library/ammegen-intro-image.jpgAmmegen Limited is a joint venture combining the strengths of Greenbank Group (UK), Nitec Energy Services (Canada) and Reaction Analytic Solutions Corp. (USA) to bring performance enhancement and advanced air pollution control solutions to the global market for the reduction of NOx, CO, SO2, SO3 and HCl. This includes both pre- and post- combustion technologies.

Ammegen provides an integrated solution to plant operators incorporating computational fluid dynamic study and analysis with the technological solutions tailored to optimise furnace combustion and air pollution control. Our efficiencies are backed up with guarantees.

We deliver a unique portfolio of combustion improvement products and technologies, together with a wide range of technical solutions, aimed at increasing efficiency and reducing greenhouse emissions at small and large thermal power generating plants. In short, our services and equipment offer the customer a sustainable model of plant optimisation. Our integrated solutions, when implemented, empower the customer to manage and monitor their own plant, with ongoing support and spares.

Modern generating requirements demand that all thermal generating plants conform to refinements in environmental legislation, flexible operating regimes and variable fuel diets and there is not a more important time to optimise boiler plant operations than today.

Optimising fuel delivery and enhancing boiler performance that delivers tangible improvements in emissions and efficiency, and allows higher performance levels under variable load conditions, needs expert solutions.

Ammegen offers the highest quality, tailored and cost-effective solutions by balancing performance and cost to meet the customer’s needs.

Our expertise and comprehensive range of technology provide scalable, modular and flexible solutions to achieve combustion optimisation. Importantly, our range of solutions provide an attractive return on investment and favourable alternatives to high-capital, conventional systems.

We provide industry-leading engineering services beginning with customised plant evaluations, in-house Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modelling, project management, detail design, field service, commissioning and tuning services, on-the-ground, in a range of countries.

Our unique mix of technology and know-how can deliver:

  • Combustion Optimisation via Improved Fuel/Air Distribution
  • Advanced Combustion Modelling
  • Combustion Optimisation via Burner Upgrades and/or Replacements
  • OFA and Advanced OFA Technology
  • SNCR Technology
  • Sorbent Injection Systems
  • Fuel Switch Design (Coal to Gas or Biomass)